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Precision Gear Grinding of a Fine Pitch Hypoid Bevel Set for the Aerospace Industry

At Reliance Gear Corporation, we specialize in precision fabrication. This allowed us to assist the manufacturing needs of a West Coast aerospace customer with a precision bevel gear and pinion set. Our advanced analytic inspection system allowed us to determine the actual configuration of the tooth surfaces on a sample set and record it for development purposes. This technology allowed us to capture a long term agreement with this customer.

We were challenged with the task of fabrication of a fine pitch hypoid gear with a tooth combination of 18 x 25, a diametrical pitch of 16.700, a 0.425" offset, and a weight of .5 lb. Tolerances of AGMA Class 13 are required as well as a 32 Ra finish on the tooth flanks.

To achieve these demanding specifications, we worked with several grinding wheel manufacturers to develop nonstandard wheels capable of reproducing the determined criteria and exceeding the customer requirements for finish. Our team of highly experienced engineers tooled up for machining these parts from solid blanks in our Gleason® tooth grinder. Verification of the tooth surfaces is done using our ZP350 Hӧfler® analytical inspection machine. The tooth patterns are approved using our Gleason® #13 tester. Having proven our abilities with this customer, we have secured a long term agreement of supplying these gears and pinions for the next six years.

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Fine Pitch Hypoid Bevel Set Project Highlights

Product Description
Fine Pitch Hypoid Gear
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Precision Machining
Precision Gear Grinding
  • Gear and Pinion Ground from Solid
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
CNC-Turning Center, CNC-Studer® Grinder, Gleason® #463 Tooth Grinder
Overall Part Dimensions
18 x 25 Teeth
16.700 DP
0.425" Offset
Weight: 0.5 lbs.
Tightest Tolerances
AGMA Class 13
Material Used
HP9-4-30 Steel
Material Finish
32 Ra on Tooth Flank
In process testing/inspection performed
#13 Gleason® Tester
ZP350 Hofler® CMM
Worked back to Customer Masters
Industry for Use
Approx. 75 Sets/Year
Delivery/Turnaround Time
20 weeks
Delivery Location
West Coast
Standards Met
Product Name
Fine Pitch Hypoid Bevel Set