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CNC Machined Steel Bevel Gear and Pinion for the Energy Industry

Reliance Gear Corporation has brought their trusted, high precision gear machining to clients across a wide spectrum of businesses. One of our clients in the energy industry contracted Reliance Gear to fabricate a CNC machined steel bevel gear and pinion. This bevel set required to be ground tooth and meet the requirements of ANSI/AGMA 2001 Grade 2 along with customer specifications. We specialize in this kind of work and were able to produce this set with results that enabled us to secure this customer's entire bevel set requirements.

We utilized our CNC Mazak Integrex® 35Y for turning and milling, pre-grind cut the bevel teeth in our Gleason Phoenix® CNC #250HC. Heat Treat consisted of carburizing and hardening of both members. Post heat treat operations included the use of our Mitsubishi® OD grinder for optimum repeatability with the close tolerances (0.0004") found on the pinion shaft and the ability to maintain surface finishes of 8-17 Ra. To produce the ground teeth on both members we used our Gleason® #600G CNC tooth grinder. Not only do we exceed the AGMA quality level of 11, we have no issues consistently holding the surface finish of 32 max on the teeth.

Verification of meeting AGMA Q11 tooth data is done using our Hӧfler® ZP350 analytical testing machine. We also insure no burns are present by nital etch inspection, and crack detection is done through magnetic particle inspection.

These parts represent the core of our business; due to the quality, pricing and reliability of our ground tooth bevel sets, we produce up to 1200 similar sets per year for this customer.

To learn more about our gear and pinion machining, please see the following information or feel free to contact us directly.

Steel Bevel Gear and Pinion Project Highlights

Capabilities Applied/Processes
Saw Cutting
CNC Turning
CNC Milling
Cut Spiral Bevel
O.D. Grinding
Grind Spiral Bevel
Heat Treating
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Mazak Integrex 35Y, Gleason Phoenix CNC #250HC, Lapointe Horizontal, Mitsubishi #PD32-B100A, Gleason CNC Tooth Grinder #600G
Overall Part Dimensions
Bevel Gear Data
Outside Diameter: 12.79"
Length: 2.380"
  • Number of Teeth: 39
  • D.P.: 3.05
  • P.A.: 20°
  • Spiral Angle: 28° - RH
Bevel Pinion Data
Outside Diameter: 7.39"
Length: 20.850"
  • Number of Teeth: 21
  • D.P.: 3.05
  • P.A.: 20°
Spiral Angle: 28° - LH
Tightest Tolerances
± 0.0004" Pinion Diameters
Material Used
4320H Steel
Material Finish
Seal Diameter: 8 - 17 Ra
Teeth on both members: 32 Ra Max
In process testing/inspection performed
Dimensional Inspection, Visual Inspection, Nital Etch
Magnetic Particle Inspection, Gear Inspection, Hardness Testing
Industry for Use
Bevel Gear and Pinion: 10 - 15 Sets per Year
Delivery/Turnaround Time
18 Weeks
Standards Met
Customer Specifications, AGMA
Product Name
Bevel Gear
Bevel Pinion